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Phil Allen Jr.

Phil Allen is a man driven by vision, compelled to fulfill God’s calling on his life. His passion is simply to see people not only come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but also to see them realize their full potential in this life as God has designed and preordained them to live. He is founder and pastor of Own Your Faith Ministries. At the core of his ministry is mentorship, life-on-life discipleship ministry. Mentoring those who have a desire to grow is what energizes Phil. He hopes that the lessons learned from mistakes and mentorship in his own life may be beneficial for those whom he has the privilege to lead and teach. He is an author, a teacher, a pastor, and a poet.

It’s time to tell your story!

Talk Title: "You Have a Gospel to Tell”

Description: God is so much of a genius that he weaves his story into the fabric of our stories. He connects us through them and he affirms us through them. Purpose is built into our stories. This talk is intended to inspire people to reflect on the good news of what God has done in their lives and how God has drawn them into a life-altering, life-giving relationship with the Son and into the transformative work of the Holy Spirit.