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Jim and Karen Covell

Jim and Karen Covell are creative professionals working in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Jim is a composer and has been scoring, songwriting, conducting, and arranging in every medium. He is currently writing music for many reality shows on the Discovery Channel, including Shark Tank, along with scoring independent feature films. Karen is an independent producer who has worked on both television and film projects as associate producer, line producer, and executive producer. She is currently packaging a feature film, Charley Parkhurst, and developing a TV series, Unlikely Game Changers.

They are coauthors of two books, The J Bomb: How to Talk, Text, and Tweet about Jesus without Getting Deleted! and The Day I Met God: Extraordinary Stories of Life-Changing Miracles. They speak all over the country to students, churches, and Christian businesses about how to pray for Hollywood as one of the world’s most influential mission fields.

Karen and Jim have been married for over 34 years and live in Valley Village, California. They are also the proud parents of their two filmmaker sons, Christopher and Cameron. You can learn more about Jim at jamescovell.com and more about Karen at hollywoodprayernetwork.org.

It’s time to share your faith without freaking out!

Talk Title: “How to Talk about Jesus without Freaking Out”

Description: Sharing your faith can be intimidating, especially in an increasingly secular culture. As creative professionals in the entertainment industry, Jim and Karen Covell find that the most powerful way to express their love for Jesus is through stories. Join them as they give practical tools on how to make an eternal difference as Christians in today’s media culture.