Equip your members without having to become an expert.

Partnering with AMP gives your members access to expert answers for their unanswered questions regarding science, philosophy, and other culturally relevant topics.

Unanswered questions are keeping your people quiet.

Are you ready to strengthen their faith?

Undo the doubt

Your people have been told that science debunks Christianity. The latest discoveries show us the opposite. Remove doubts that keep your members from being bold in sharing their faith.

Give better answers

You have the challenging task to apply what the Bible teaches to the twenty-first century. AMP gives you an understanding of how science, reason, and philosophy support the gospel.


Sounds great. what's the catch?

As an AMP partner, you'll need to:


1. Make two stage announcements

Between December and February you’ll need to highlight AMP conference twice. Don’t worry, we’ll provide the epic video that makes it easy.


2. Share the promo materials

Include AMP promo materials in either your handouts or e-blasts at least twice. We'll provide the print materials along with source files that will make your graphic designer happy.



3. Watch your members get bolder

Watch the lightbulb go off in the heads of your members who are thinkers.  They’ll go from feeling guilty for having questions to securely sharing their faith with more people.

- Here's the plan -
Apply to become a partner.
Receive a reply within 48 hours.
Get 2 free tickets & Resources

How many unanswered questions are keeping your members quiet? Don't leave them stuck in the dark!


"Without its emphasis on the local church, we may not have encouraged our members to attend AMP.

We made a decision to partner with AMP because it aligns with our church’s vision. It equips our members to love God with all their mind, boldly share their faith with others, and deepens their faithfulness to God. The truth is, AMP’s presenters exemplify that you can be confident as you discuss your faith and still do it with gentleness and respect.

Partnering with AMP created an opportunity to help our members become more confident talking about their faith providing practical application on how that can be done. The speakers at AMP displayed how engaging apologetics is and its vital role in the Great Commission of Jesus."

— George Haraksin II, Lead Pastor at NewSong Church

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