[AMP’s] focused on this idea that apologetics has to be a function of the heart—a function of care and concern for people, not just a matter of mastering information. I greatly appreciate that because it isn’t always the focus for us as apologists. We get caught up in arguments we enjoy; rather than winning the person, we’re looking to win the argument. I think that is the flavor of AMP, more than anything, that makes it so unique and so distinct.

–Bob Umbreit, AMP attendee


What I liked about AMP was the range of speakers who came. There was a cross-fertilization of ideas and people, science, philosophy, theology, etc., giving a lot of reinforcing input, which was very valuable. I also liked the fact that the sections were a half-hour long and that everyone was able to get a good taste of the topic. I routinely hear people saying, “I really wish he could have gone on longer.” That’s exactly what should happen, that people walk away saying, “I really wish we could have had more,” than people walking away saying, “I am exhausted.” Keep it up. 

–Paul Copan, AMP 2018 speaker


Training in Christian apologetics—how to give thoughtful reasons for our faith—has never been more important in our culture than it is now. And it doesn’t get any better than what is offered by Reasons to Believe and their annual AMP Conference. Christians of every age, and especially students, need what RTB and AMP offer. More than that, people all around us are dying for the answers we can learn!

–Mark Mittelberg, AMP 2016 speaker .