Friday, February 24

Session 1

6:00 PM | Welcome

6:15 PM | Sean McDowell | What Skeptics Wish Christians Knew

Many skeptics are open to genuine dialogue with Christians, but how do we approach these conversations in a constructive and positive manner? In this session, Sean shares about his visit to a skeptics group and the lessons he learned on how Christians can more effectively engage them.

6:45 PM | Jonathan Morrow | Who Chose the Books of the Bible and Why

Critics of the Bible claim that the books (and the message) of Scripture were invented and created by people in search of power in the fourth century. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can have confidence that the books comprising our Bible today are the ones that were authoritative from the beginning and that the message of hope in its pages can be trusted.

7:15 PM | Hugh Ross | Habitability for Redemption

The Bible seems to imply that all God’s works of creation are for the purpose of redeeming human beings. In this session, Hugh will describe four of the several hundred undeniably miraculous events in Earth’s history that have made it possible for billions of humans to hear and respond to the gospel message of salvation within just several thousand years. 

7:45 PM | Break

8:00 PM | Ramin Parsa | Looking Unto Jesus

What can we learn from the champions of the faith when they faced opposition and hostility? Many Christians face persecution today, and not only in Muslim countries but also here in the Western world. The Bible teaches us what to do in such times. In this session, you’ll be inspired by the examples of Jesus and the Old Testament saints and learn how to endure and overcome animosity.

8:30 PM | Panel Q&A | Sean McDowell, Jonathan Morrow, Hugh Ross, and Ramin Parsa

9:15 PM | Closing Remarks

9:30 PM  | End

Saturday, February 25

Session 2

9:00 AM | Welcome

9:15 AM | Craig Hazen | Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

By any objective measure, the resurrection of Jesus is one of the best attested events of the ancient world. It is an event that dramatically sets Christianity apart. In this session, you’ll learn how the scientific evidence for the resurrection cuts through the spiritual fog like nothing else in religious history.

9:45 AM | Kenneth Samples | Jesus: The Only Hope of the World’s Religions

All people earnestly desire hope, meaning, and purpose in their lives. Yet among the world’s diverse religions only Jesus Christ offers authentic fulfillment to humankind’s existential yearnings. This session will illustrate how Jesus’s historic incarnation as the God-man and his unique work as risen Savior make it possible for human beings to enjoy a relationship with a loving, forgiving, and personal God.

10:15 AM | Break

10:30 AM | Jeff Zweerink | Hope in a Decaying Universe

All life on Earth will eventually die. Whether in 100 years or in a couple billion years, Earth will eventually cease to be able to support life. Though some people long to escape a dying Earth by traveling to the farthest reaches of outer space, even the universe will die eventually. Amid this physical hopelessness, the Christian worldview offers hope in not only the physical reality of a new heaven and a new earth, but also the ultimate purpose of the Creator bringing us into that new creation to enjoy eternity with him.

11:00 AM | Anjeanette "AJ" Roberts | Why Would a Good God Create Viruses?

Viruses are the cause of so much disease and human suffering. How could a good God create viruses? Or did he even have a hand in creating them? This session will help you to consider the theology of viruses in light of the Christian themes of creation, the fall, and redemption, and how you can have confidence in God’s good design in the most unexpected places. 

11:30 PM | Panel Q&A | Craig Hazen, Kenneth Samples, Jeff Zweerink, and AJ Roberts

12:00 PM | Lunch

Session 3

1:15 PM | Michelle Tepper | Mind the Gap: Breaking the Silence on Love, Sex, and Relationships

In a culture that equates sexual freedom with identity and satisfaction, the biblical standards for sexuality are often viewed as both personally offensive and shockingly restrictive. If God is love, then why would he put so many constraints on the way in which we can pursue love? Can the biblical standards for relationships still be realistically upheld today? If so, how do we confidently break the silence on these important subjects in a way that offers hope, freedom, and fulfillment to our world?

1:45 PM | Brett Kunkle | Tactics in Defending the Faith

Tired of finding yourself intimidated in conversations about your faith and values? Want to increase your confidence and skill in discussions no matter whom you’re talking to? Then you need tactics. In this session, you’ll learn specific skills to help engage others in friendly conversation and be equipped to present Christ in an intelligent yet gracious way.

2:15 PM | Panel Q&A | Michelle Tepper and Brett Kunkle

2:45 PM | Closing Remarks

3:00 PM | End