Ramin Parsa

Pastor Ramin Parsa was born and raised as a devout Muslim in Iran. After diligently practicing the religion and suffering under Sharia law, he was disappointed with Islam as his hunger and thirst for God could not be quenched. When Ramin heard the Christian gospel on satellite TV, he committed himself to Jesus and his life was forever changed. Ramin left Iran due to persecution. He lived in Turkey as a refugee and served as a missionary where he was arrested multiple times for spreading the gospel. Shortly after, Ramin came to the United States and attended a Bible college.

He currently serves as the pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Los Angeles and as the president of Redemptive Love Ministries International. Ramin travels the globe and preaches the gospel, encouraging churches with his personal story. He was a TV host for five years and currently has a TV station where he creates Christian programs in order to reach out to the Muslim world. Ramin sees himself as a missionary to America where he feels the calling to awaken and help revive the church.

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