Colin Prestesater Student at Idaho State University

Colin Prestesater
Student at Idaho University

"I never really shared my faith unless it was on a mission trip.

Talking about God on a mission trip is easier because I know I won’t ever see those people again. But when it came to sharing my faith at home, it pretty much didn’t happen because I didn’t know how to bring it up. If you say, 'Let’s talk about God' everyone gets a little stand-offish and defensive.

AMP has helped me be able to pull out little pieces during conversations. Saying something like, 'Oh, I heard a speaker speak on that subject.' So it’s not a religious conversation at first, but it moves into that kind of conversation and overall makes it a less threatening conversation.

For example, two weeks ago a buddy and I were going fly fishing and were talking about how beautiful it was out there. We agreed that even if we didn’t catch anything, we’re glad to just  be out there in nature. We got into the probability of all this happening and I was able to pull from Hugh Ross’s message. Eventually we were able to talk about his faith and where he was for half an hour. This is totally different from where I was at before—I definitely never thought of myself as an evangelist. AMP has given me the confidence to share my faith when the opportunity presents itself."