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Jeff Zweerink

Astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink is a senior research scholar and the executive director of online learning at Reasons to Believe (RTB). He earned a BS in physics and a PhD in astrophysics from Iowa State University, with a focus on gamma rays. Jeff was also involved in research projects such as the Solar Two Project and the Whipple Collaboration and is coauthor of over 30 academic papers.

Having once struggled with reconciling his love of science with his Christian faith, Jeff’s involvement in apologetics grows from his desire to help others bridge the perceived science-faith gap. Today, Jeff writes and speaks on the compatibility of faith and science and on evidence for a Creator from exoplanet research and the multiverse theory. He authored Is There Life Out There? and coauthored RTB’s Impact Events study guide series for students. Jeff also works on GAPS, a balloon experiment seeking to detect dark matter, at UCLA.

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