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Confidently share your faith
IN everyday conversations

A two-day conference to help you share your testimony, reach loved ones,
and live out the Great Commission in everyday life.


Why is this?


If you’re like other people who’ve attended AMP before, it’s likely you’ve sat in church and heard your pastor talk about the importance of sharing the gospel. You know you have a calling to make disciples and should be talking to people.

When it comes to actually doing it, it’s terrifying.

Which makes sense because most people don’t naturally bring up religion in conversations. So you stay quiet because you’re afraid of fumbling over your words or not having all the answers.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

AMP helps you find the words to talk about your faith through a two-day experience made up of bite-sized 30-minute presentations. Hundreds of attendees have left AMP with more confidence, empowered to share their faith in everyday conversations.



Our speakers are considered to be experts in their fields. They come from many backgrounds including science, apologetics, philosophy, pastoral ministry, and evangelism. Click image to see bio.

AMP is PERFECT for you if...

  • You have attended church for years and know you’re called to share your faith but struggle to actually do it
  • You’re new to Christianity and want to learn more about why you can trust the Bible
  • You’re feeling discouraged that a family member isn’t a believer and seems bothered by faith conversations
  • You know apologetics well but don’t know how to use it to impact others
  • You’re a parent who wants to help your children keep the faith even after they leave home

You Leave Amp with


Learn how to find bridges to people who aren’t believers. Conversations that start on common ground helps reduce defensiveness and promotes a more natural conversation.


Learn how recent scientific discoveries and the record of nature support Christianity. Overcome that doubtful voice in the back of your head and share your faith with more confidence.


Speakers at AMP bring a message of hope and encouragement. They teach you how to anchor your life to concrete truth, leaving behind the worry about having all the answers.

Are you ready to get conversation starters and have more confidence?

Colin Prestesater Student at Idaho State University

Colin Prestesater
Student at Idaho University

"I never really shared my faith unless it was on a mission trip.

Talking about God on a mission trip is easier because I know I won’t ever see those people again. But when it came to sharing my faith at home, it pretty much didn’t happen because I didn’t know how to bring it up. If you say, 'Let’s talk about God' everyone gets a little stand-offish and defensive.

AMP has helped me be able to pull out little pieces during conversations. Saying something like, 'Oh, I heard a speaker speak on that subject.' So it’s not a religious conversation at first, but it moves into that kind of conversation and overall makes it a less threatening conversation.

For example, two weeks ago a buddy and I were going fly fishing and were talking about how beautiful it was out there. We agreed that even if we didn’t catch anything, we’re glad to just  be out there in nature. We got into the probability of all this happening and I was able to pull from Hugh Ross’s message. Eventually we were able to talk about his faith and where he was for half an hour. This is totally different from where I was at before—I definitely never thought of myself as an evangelist. AMP has given me the confidence to share my faith when the opportunity presents itself."



Friday, February 24

Pre-AMP Experience*
4:00 PM     Dinner and Conversation
5:45 PM     Join the Reserved Seating Section

Session 1
6:00 PM     Welcome
6:15 PM     Sean McDowell
6:45 PM     Jonathan Morrow
7:15 PM     Hugh Ross
7:45 PM     Break
8:00 PM     Ramin Parsa
8:30 PM     Panel Q&A
9:15 PM     Closing Remarks
9:30 PM     End

Saturday, February 25

Session 2
9:00 AM     Welcome
9:15 AM     Craig Hazen
9:45 AM     Kenneth Samples
10:15 AM   Break
10:30 AM   Jeff Zweerink
11:00 AM   Anjeanette "AJ" Roberts
11:30 AM   Panel Q&A
12:00 PM   Lunch

Session 3
1:15 PM     Michelle Tepper
1:45 PM     Brett Kunkle
2:15 PM     Panel Q&A
2:45 PM     Closing Remarks
3:00 PM     End


*Registration for the AMP conference is required to attend this additional event. Click here for more details.

Answers to your questions

Sounds interesting. Is this conference going to be boring and super academic or go way over my head?
No. We’ve crafted this conference to be engaging and accessible. We’ve invited only speakers with a gift for explaining challenging topics in ways the rest of us can understand. Now, we’ll be honest and say that some of these speakers are REALLY smart, so expect your mind to bend just a bit.

I don’t know many of the speakers, are they any good?
Our speakers are considered to be experts in their fields. They come from many backgrounds including science, apologetics, philosophy, pastoral ministry, and evangelism. One of our speakers is a former Muslim who’s been arrested multiple times for sharing the gospel, and another regularly talks with teens about God, sex, angels, demons, and homosexuality.

I’ve been around apologetics and the church for a long time—is this for “beginners” only?
Absolutely not. The topics presented at AMP reach far beyond just apologetics. AMP is a powerful catalyst for people like you to be reinspired for your calling and will give you ideas for how you can use the wisdom you’ve gained over the years.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ page here.

Emily Stevens
Student at Biola University

"Learning apologetics essentially kept me from losing my faith entirely.

When I was in 7th grade, the question, 'How do we know the Bible is true and the Qur'an is not' made me doubt my faith for over a decade. It was conversations and learning apologetics that essentially kept me from losing my faith altogether.

After attending AMP I was encouraged to see so many people in the church who were also interested in this topic. I liked the chance to fellowship during the conference.  I actually had an interesting conversation with another attendee about the nature of beauty and how we understand it as humans. That was a fun conversation where we got to ask each other, 'Why do you think what you think?' As I have more discussions and increase my knowledge of my faith, I’m much less likely to be thrown off balance by a question that I don’t have an answer for."

Steve Rogstad
Projects Manager at JPL

"I’ve been around the topic of apologetics for 30 years.

When I heard about the AMP Conference, I wasn’t sure if there was something there for me. I’m very familiar with Reasons to Believe. I also work as a project manager at JPL to send unmanned probes into space, so I understand quiet a bit of science. Despite my familiarity, I decided to go and see what they were up to. 

I found that I’d heard a lot of information like this before, but it still improved my understanding. What was even more valuable was that AMP was very inspirational. I would consider myself an evangelist, but don't think I'm very good at it. I quickly let people know I’m a believer and try to strike up a conversation. I’ve never had an easy time doing this though, so the motivation I was able to walk away with from AMP made it worth it. I haven’t been to an event that inspirational in decades honestly."

What makes amp different

AMP is made up of 30-minute presentations from 10 speakers along with Q&A Panel Sessions. This format is much easier to digest over a two-day conference. We want you to walk away feeling confident in your faith with knowledge and tools to advance the kingdom of God and not feel bogged down by an immense amount of information. A lot of information is good, but we hope that you leave AMP ready to start conversations with loved ones, share your testimony, and live out the Great Commission.



Big discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.
Please contact Jessica Sandoval or call (855) REASONS / (855) 732-7667 for group discount info.

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