Craig Hazen

Craig J. Hazen is a professor of comparative religion and Christian apologetics at Biola University and founder and director of the Christian Apologetics Program. For nearly twenty years he has been the editor of the philosophy journal Philosophia Christi, one of the top philosophy of religion journals in the world. He has authored or contributed to a range of scholarly works including To Everyone an Answer, Apologetics Study Bible, and the breakout novel Five Sacred Crossings.

Hazen holds a PhD in religious studies, a degree in biological sciences, and has studied international law and human rights in Strasbourg, France. At Biola he was named the winner of the Fischer Award for Faculty Excellence, the highest faculty honor. Professor Hazen has lectured all over North America and Europe on the evidence for the resurrection, religion and science, and Christianity among world religions. He has also lectured multiple times on Capitol Hill and in the White House. He is a former co-host of a national radio talk program and a regular on-camera expert for broadcast television. He and his wife, Karen, live in Southern California and have four adult children.

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