Answers to your questions

Sounds interesting. Is this conference going to be boring and super academic or go way over my head?
No. We’ve crafted this conference to be engaging and accessible. We’ve invited only speakers with a gift for explaining challenging topics in ways the rest of us can understand. Now, we’ll be honest and say that some of these speakers are REALLY smart, so expect your mind to bend just a bit.

I don’t know many of the speakers, are they any good?
Our speakers are considered to be experts in their fields. They come from many backgrounds including science, apologetics, philosophy, pastoral ministry, and evangelism. One of our speakers is a former Muslim who’s been arrested multiple times for sharing the gospel, and another regularly talks with teens about God, sex, angels, demons, and homosexuality.

I’ve been around apologetics and the church for a long time—is this for “beginners” only?
Absolutely not. The topics presented at AMP reach far beyond just apologetics. AMP is a powerful catalyst for people like you to be reinspired for your calling and will give you ideas for how you can use the wisdom you’ve gained over the years.

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